VDA Grows Again!

Von Der Asche is the birthchild of William Worrall and myself. Having created the universe and made the film, we have reunited to tell more VDA tales in the only medium broad enough to truly capture its wonderfully macabre tone. The first arc Dark Purposes is written and in the hands of two artists working […]

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Champions Four-Page Shorts

Champions began as a graphic novel but, after some early feedback from publishers it was transformed into a comic book series. A ten-page plus cover pitch with full first issue script was sent out to publishers all over the world and we received some very positive feedback on what Elton and I were trying to […]

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The Script is Finished!

Months of research; planning; writing; editing; and re-writes, the script for the After graphic novel is finally complete. 120 pages of action, adventure, danger and daring with some truly fun characters as the place we go after life is in true danger of destruction from a tear in reality and a mad queen vowing vengeance […]

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Foot in Mouth

I suffer from a terrible, debilitating disease: foot in mouth. An affliction that prevents my overactive mind from processing the words I say before I say them. This often creates a humorous anecdote, but occasionally, makes me look like a complete prick. My inability to think before I talk has frequently landed me in seriously […]

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