Agatha Custos


Created by Z.X. Roberts and Elton Thomasi

In a world of Champions the most powerful hero is also the most compassionate. Agatha Custos is the vessel of the Earth, empowered by nature to protect the planet and all its inhabitants. Young and in many ways naïve, Agatha sees morality as black and white; refusing to accept the grey in between. Lonely and incredibly powerful, Agatha’s optimism and hope is inspiring to everyone around her. In a world soaked in darkness she is the light the people need. The most humane of Champions, Agatha communes with the Earth when she requires a superpower-top-up, but it comes at a cost. Each communion takes a part of her precious humanity, turning her into something else. Something new.

Enjoy Taylor Payton’s gorgeous incarnation of our lead heroine: Agatha Custos! We hope to work with Taylor again soon, his work is truly beautiful and he captures her innocence and elegance perfectly.

Stay tuned for Thomas Sjöström’s rendition of Agatha! She is the hero we all need, even if we don’t all realise it.


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