The Evil ERD!

Elton Thomasi and I’s latest book, Glam, has an evil, corporate, big-bad that hunts all Empowered Humans: the vicious and mightily powerful ERD. The Empowered Registry Department are seen by the public to monitor, track and when required capture dangerous Empos, the Empos who use their abilities to commit crimes. Unknown to the public – but common knowledge to all Empos – the ERD actually monitor, track and capture all Empowered Humans. They track them, capture them and then torture them into submission, brainwashing them into being agents themselves; hunting their own.

The ERD are ran by a group of incredibly rich and insanely powerful individuals who fear an Empo uprising. Jealous at evolution passing them by, they study the Empos they catch in order to determine the route of their power and synthesise them for themselves. The ERD are vast in number, politically protected and unbelievably resourceful. They have one goal: to rid the world of Empos and garner the power for themselves.

Glam and his young sidekick, Maggie, are on a mission to protect Empos from the ERD and to ensure no others are hurt like they have been by this malicious and conniving organisation. Here our hero is being surrounded by ERD agents in page 3 of issue 1, illustrated by Glam co-creator Elton Thomasi!


Glam is not the hero you see, but the hero you know was there.

Coming soon!


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