Maggie: NOT Glam’s Sidekick


Maggie from Glam, created by Zack Roberts and Elton Thomasi.

From the pages of Glam comes Maggie: the cute as a button, vengeance swearing, wrath bringing ally of our grey hero. (Maggie does NOT like to be called a sidekick). When the ERD hunted Maggie down they shot her father dead. Terrified and alone, she found Glam, seeking refuge and protection. When the shock and terror fade, Maggie slowly brews a swirling typhoon of rage and hatred for the ERD while working with Glam to save other Empos from their clutches. When that rage reaches boiling point and she is ready to unload her fury onto the organisation that took her Daddy, there isn’t a power on the planet that can stop her. Maggie is smart, powerful and determined. She has a big plan, and it all starts in issue 1!

Panels from Maggie’s origin story taken from issue 1, illustrated by Elton Thomasi.


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