The Script is Finished!

Months of research; planning; writing; editing; and re-writes, the script for the After graphic novel is finally complete. 120 pages of action, adventure, danger and daring with some truly fun characters as the place we go after life is in true danger of destruction from a tear in reality and a mad queen vowing vengeance on a world she once loved. There are laughs, cries and gasps to be had along the way in this time-hopping sci-fi/fantasy romp that will be illustrated by the brilliant Luis Morocho, edited by Dave Cook and published by Gary Mac’s GEE Comics. 

Over the next few days, I am going to be re-formatting the script and making the final corrections required before sending it off to Gary and Dave for their always supportive and insightful feedback. Updates on this most enjoyable projects will be posted soon, very soon!


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