Champions Four-Page Shorts

Champions began as a graphic novel but, after some early feedback from publishers it was transformed into a comic book series. A ten-page plus cover pitch with full first issue script was sent out to publishers all over the world and we received some very positive feedback on what Elton and I were trying to achieve. After a lengthy discussion with an editor who liked the premise and characters we were advised to bring the world of Champions to more peoples attention. Elton and I discussed how we would do this and decided an ongoing mini-series digitally released for FREE would help people get to know the Champions and set up the comic book series nicely.

Elton and I are going to release a monthly four-page digital comic following some of the fascinating characters in the Champions universe starting with Erik! Erik is a travelling soul looking for his place in the world when tragedy propels him into a destiny he never imagined he would embrace. The first arc will follow Erik as he travels Africa, witnessing the true evils of poverty in a world of riches. When calamity strikes, Erik’s powers manifest changing everything.We intend Birth of a Champion: Erik, to be up and freely available for all to read at the end of June 2017!


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