VDA Grows Again!

Von Der Asche is the birthchild of William Worrall and myself. Having created the universe and made the film, we have reunited to tell more VDA tales in the only medium broad enough to truly capture its wonderfully macabre tone. The first arc Dark Purposes is written and in the hands of two artists working on concept art to take the four-issue story further. While they work hard on designing the mad, deranged and beautiful characters of the VDA universe, William Worrall (writer of Mort) is hard at work on the second arc. Arc two will be a six issue series set directly after the chaos of Dark Purposes. Will is easily one the best writers I have ever known, my best friend and brother. His warped, dark and sharp mind creates some of the most fascinating stories I have ever read.

You can get to know William Worrall and his work better by jumping over to WSWriting.  


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