About Me

Having been asked to scribe a few paragraphs to describe myself and my work for the “about page” of my website, I did what any writer would do; research. I read endless entries from writers I admire and who’s work I adore, people who inspire and excite me with their gloriously articulate and enthralling compositions, but found myself paralysed with boredom. I read dozens of what seemed to be the exact same spiel regurgitated over and over, each time being given slightly different clothing to distract the reader. The generic and mind-numbing mundanity of it all drove me, not that I needed much influence mind you, to drink. Three healthy measures of Talisker Skye single malt later, and I approach my own generic self-introduction with a rebellious enthusiasm I thought long lost to my teen years. In short, my name is Zack, and I am a writer.

I love stories. In all mediums, genres, styles and forms, I just love narrative. With a gun to my head or the threat of Man City winning another league title, I would be forced to admit I am most partial to the big screen; cinema. However, I enjoy and write across all mediums. Currently I have two comic books and a graphic novel in active development, a screenplay under consideration and a novel near completion. Each medium offers different opportunities and restrictions, the fun (for me) is finding the perfect medium for the story I want to tell. Because of this, adaptations are a specialty of mine. But what really gets my blood pumping, my heart racing; collaboration. There is no greater experience than telling stories with other people, all bringing a little something to the BBQ so you have the richest, thickest spread imaginable. I am comfortable in any role and as a narrative consultant will help you bring out the best in your story.

I’m a proud Welshman and happily married man with a beautiful and fascinating baby daughter. I’m a die hard Manchester United fan but refuse to be roped into any other form of organised religion. I believe in equality in a world of viciously uneven privilege and that humanity can be so much better given the chance. I have travelled as much of this glorious and petrifying Earth as I could and will continue to do so, meeting new people and encountering new cultures as often as humanly possible. I just want to entrance people with my stories.